Up for a New Challenge? Check out the Spring STEM PBL Newsletter Today

The second edition of the STEM PBL newsletter is available now! The newest issue details the latest in STEM PBL “Challenge” development and field-testing, green-chemistry reports, student learning, dissemination and more!

The current goal of STEM PBL is to increase the number of job-ready STEM workers by engaging high school and college students with challenging learning materials and innovative teaching methods. Students are prepared for the real world by working in teams to solve a technological workplace problem where multiple solutions are possible. Faced with an authentic Challenge developed in partnership with industry, students are asked to balance technology, budget and time constraints while devising and testing a solution.

Challenges have been developed in the areas of solar and wind energy, agriculture, watershed maintenance, lighting, and green chemistry in personal care product design. The Challenges are being field-tested in high schools and colleges across the country.

To view the STEM PBL and PHOTON Challenges, click here.

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