CollegeSource offers two solution-oriented transfer tools – Transfer Evaluation System (TES) and Transferology. These online platforms support efficient student transfer, mitigate credit loss and increase transparency for both students and institutions. Through NEBHE, both services are now available to all higher education institutions in New England at a discounted rate.

TES and Transferology

TES is an all-in-one solution for researching transfer credit, tracking evaluations, and managing equivalencies for registrars, enrollment managers and transfer coordinators. The platform allows the user to compare the content and course outcomes from one institution to another. Using TES, college staff are able to quickly locate course descriptions, route and track the evaluation process, store, manage, group, and publicize the resulting equivalencies, and employ powerful algorithms to generate lists of equivalencies between institutions.

Transferology is a nation-wide network that assists transfer advisors, students, and parents in making educated decisions when transferring credit. Students are able to enter coursework and instantly see how credits transfer to member institutions.

TES and Transferology can be fully integrated to allow credit evaluators to make decisions based on real student usage data, thus creating a seamless and holistic transfer solution.

Institutional Savings

Discounts of 10% will be applied to TES and Transferology for New England higher education institutions that are first time users of the CollegeSource products after August 12, 2020. The NEBHE discount will be applied automatically, no additional paperwork is necessary to take advantage of the savings.

To read the CollegeSource Partnership Agreement Press Release click here.

For more information about TES and Transferology and the discounts available to New England  institutions click here.


For more information about the NEBHE and College Source Partnership and institutional discounts that are made available through the Agreement, contact NEBHE CFO Genevieve Davis at 617.533.9510 or