Tuition Rates and Savings

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The Regional Student Program (RSP) Tuition Break allows eligible out-of-state students to pay a tuition rate that is significantly less than regular out-of-state tuition. The rate is based on a percentage of the college’s in-state rate. Rates and savings vary by institution. Students pay only 50% greater than in-state tuition in some cases. The Tuition Break program discounts tuition only – not fees or room and board – at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities.

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Annual Report on Enrollment, Tuition Savings
and Revenue

In 2021-22, the program’s 64th year of enrollment, a total of 9,101 New England residents were enrolled through the Regional Student Program (RSP) Tuition Break.

The participating New England students and their families saved an estimated $64.8 million in 2021-22 tuition payments. A participating full-time student saved an average of $8,600 on their annual tuition bill.

Meanwhile, the participating public higher education institutions that enrolled RSP students in 2021-22 received an estimated:

  • $126.9 million in tuition revenue
  • $23.3 million in fee revenue

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Benefit of NEBHE to the New England States

In FY 2021, the six New England states paid annual assessments totaling $1.1 million for membership in the New England Higher Education Compact, which entitled them to the programs and services provided by the New England Board of Higher Education. The states as a whole received a 59-to-1 return on investment in terms of the tuition savings alone provided by NEBHE’s Regional Student Program (RSP) Tuition Break. Click here to download the FY 2020 Benefit to New England.
To download each state’s benefit FY 2019 summary, click on the state name: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont.

Map of Participating Institutions (view in a larger map)