What Applies to Me?

I am an institution considering joining SARA

Once the state in which your institution is legally domiciled (called the Home State) becomes a SARA member through their regional compact, your institution may apply through what's called a "State Portal Entity." The entity is a contact responsible for SARA oversight in your state's education agency. New England State Portal Entity contacts can be found by clicking here. The SARA membership application is the same regardless of your institution's home state or sector (public, private, etc.).

Visit nc-sara.org to learn more about the application and process.

I am a current institution who has questions about membership

The best way to answer these questions is to utilize the expertise of your State Portal Entity or (SPE). To get in contact with your SPE, click here.

I am a current institution looking to renew my membership in SARA

Click here to find all relevant renewal forms.

I am a current institution wondering about professional licensure disclosures.

For more information about how to properly disclose professional licensure notifications, we recommend reviewing WCET-SAN's website on the topic.

I am wondering what programs are covered under NC-SARA?

Check out NC-SARA's newest SARA Source, a comprehensive and searchable national catalog of distance education programs offered by all NC-SARA participating institutions.

I have a question about NC-SARA data reporting

Check out guidelines for NC-SARA institutional data reporting here!