Michael K. Thomas
President and CEO
presidentsoffice [at] nebhe [dot] org

Administration and Finance

Daren Follweiler
Manager of Technology and Programs
dfollweiler [at] nebhe [dot] org

Michelle Pelletier
Director of Finance and Administration
mpelletier [at] nebhe [dot] org

Marla J. Phippen
Office of the President
mphippen [at] nebhe [dot] org


Jared B. Abdirkin
Director, State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA)
jabdirkin [at] nebhe [dot] org

Emily Decatur
Senior Program Manager, Transfer Initiatives
617.533.9513 (direct)
edecatur [at] nebhe [dot] org

Jonathan Gowin
Director, Tuition Break (Regional Student Program)
617.533.9537 (direct)
857.284.4879 (Tuition Break)
jgowin [at] nebhe [dot] org
tuitionbreak [at] nebhe [dot] org

Lindsey Gumb
Fellow, Open Education
lgumb [at] nebhe [dot] org

Policy and Research

Rachael Conway
Chief of Staff and Policy Analyst
rconway [at] nebhe [dot] org

Tatiana Cruz
Fellow, Faculty Diversity
tcruz [at] nebhe [dot] org

Charles F. Desmond
Senior Fellow
cdesmond [at] nebhe [dot] org

Kamille Gentles-Peart
Fellow, Faculty Diversity
kgentles-peart [at] nebhe [dot] org

John O. Harney
Executive Editor, The New England Journal of Higher Education
jharney [at] nebhe [dot] org

Sarah Kuczynski
Assistant Program Manager, Transfer Initiatives
skuczynski [at] nebhe.org

Sheridan Miller
Assistant Director, Policy & Research and State Support
smiller [at] nebhe [dot] org

Katie Singer
Director of Policy & Research
ksinger [at] nebhe [dot] org