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The New England Journal of Higher Education

January 14, 2020

Title IX Changes Could Add Exposure for Universities, Discourage Victims from Coming Forward

Higher Ed and the Law … Title IX, the federal civil rights law passed in 1972, was a landmark piece of legislation that prohibited sexual discrimination in educational institutions across America. It reads, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of,...
January 7, 2020

Open Matters: A Brief Intro

In late September 2019, I joined NEBHE as its Open Education Fellow to help build upon the grassroots efforts that have been underway for years in the Northeast aiming to lessen the burden that textbook costs place on higher education students and their families. Like so many of my colleagues doing this work day in...
December 17, 2019

To Counsel Readiness

Higher education is awash with challenges. While young people today need college more than ever, college attendance across the country has dropped in each of the last eight years, including 300,000 fewer students last year alone. This is happening at a time when almost all new well-paying jobs require postsecondary training and study. As enrollment declines threaten the...


Jambo! Inspiring message from @NECCPrez Lane Glenn on how climbing Mount Kilimanjaro carries lessons for #CommunityCollege students and those who care for them. One: rely on advisors, tutors and profs to help navigate the tricky terrain of college life. https://president.necc.mass.edu/jambo-climbing-lessons-for-community-college-students-from-the-summit-of-mt-kilimanjaro/

S&P Issues Negative Outlook for #HigherEd https://ihenow.com/2swnRQ6 | note also #nebhe https://conta.cc/2YW6tQE #recession

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Tis the hospitality season. May goodwill & generosity be in abundance at home & beyond! Thinking a career in hospitality? #tuitionbreak may save you on tuition for programs at public colleges & universities. Ex: Hotel & Hospitality Management @UofNH for CT, ME, RI, VT residents

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