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July 8, 2019

To Prepare Nimble Thinkers … A NEJHE Q&A with Michelle Weise

“The world will need more agile and resilient thinkers with a serious handle on various technologies and digital literacies.” Michelle Weise is senior vice president for workforce strategies and chief innovation officer at Strada Education Network. Weise is a higher education expert who specializes in innovation and connections between higher education and the workforce. She...
June 26, 2019

Summer (Finally) … And Other News from the NEJHE Beat

A few tidbits from the editor after a long wet spring … Unvites. I recently enjoyed a fascinating panel discussion on Protesting the Podium: Campus Disinvitations sponsored by the Bipartisan Policy Center. The panelists were former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey, Harvard professor Harvey C. Mansfield, Middlebury College professor Matthew J. Dickinson and Wesleyan University President...
June 11, 2019

Expanding Opportunities for High School Students to Earn Industry-Recognized Credentials

A shared challenge for our higher education institutions and employers is the large number of students graduating high school unprepared for success in college and the workforce. It leads to lower-than-acceptable college completion rates, particularly for our most disadvantaged youth, and a broken workforce pipeline that threatens economic growth and opportunity. The lack of skilled...


Only thing more questionable than standardized #tests is when pols strategically tamper with them as Fla did, see Short Courses https://t.co/EBftHWQVqz and Penn may do now https://t.co/94rvWsVa46 via @phillytrib @nebhe

Upskilling must be a core component of policy and higher ed-employer partnerships. 5.5 million adults in New England have not obtained a degree + @stradaeducation’s data shows they are most likely to feel as if they need additional education to advance their careers (3/3)

.@nebhe will be convening the region’s employers, HEI leaders and policymakers in a thinkers’ meeting, taking a deep dive into @stradaeducation’s consumer insights data, to drive an action agenda for New England (2/3)

We’re excited to announce a new initiative aimed at better understanding the #upskilling needs of workers and employers across New England and how colleges and universities are positioned to deliver innovative education and training opportunities https://t.co/YWJiHSc0yW (1/3)

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New report by @UCSUSA sounds alarm re extreme heat caused by #climatechange. See impact by state: https://t.co/P8xilJLkmb
#tuitionbreak HEIs with Climate Change programs & research include @NVU_Lyndon, @UMaine. https://t.co/Q661OPgnQu

"Without Tuition Break, I wouldn't have afforded my education without a large amount of debt.”

–Tim, Latin American Studies @UConn From: NH

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Game Design @Fitchburg_State is a unique bachelor's program and offered through #tuitionbreak – Residents of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are eligible to save on out-of-state tuition.
https://t.co/vG7OjJvn3K #collegesavings #gamedesign

Fitchburg State@Fitchburg_State

Professors and students in our Game Design program discuss how this major prepares you for a sustainable career in the game design field. https://t.co/4UTvYizU0V

Important to make information accessible to Spanish-speaking families. Earlier this year we added #tuitionbreak and #financialaid information in Spanish to our website

Matt Reed@deandad

Mildred Garcia, on FAFSA workshops in Spanish. "Parents said they liked it, because they didn't need their kids to translate for them." #2019iHENOW

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