NEBHE, through its partnerships with CollegeSource, Packback and the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), offers Cost Savings Programs that were developed in response to recognized needs by postsecondary institutions. Cost Savings is an area of NEBHE that grows as needs are identified. All education institutions or public agencies in New England can participate.

We’ve added a new program!

Creative Commons (CC) will offer a 15% regional discount for all purchase orders for all CC professional learning opportunities for the period from June 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022. The discount applies to both individual and institution purchases.

About Creative Commons

Creative Commons has been recognized by NEBHE as an international nonprofit organization dedicated to helping build and sustain a thriving commons of shared knowledge and culture. Through workshops, consultations and our CC Certificate, CC helps community members develop open licensing expertise, and a deeper understanding of recommended practices for sharing.

Professional Development Options

 Option 1: CC Certificate Courses (online)

The CC Certificate offers in-depth courses about CC licenses, open practices and the ethos of sharing in our global, digital commons. The courses include readings, quizzes, discussions, and practical exercises to develop learners’ open skills. Discounted Cost: $425 / participant

Option 2: CC Certificate Bootcamps (in-person and online)

Bootcamps are one-week, intensive workshops, which cover the CC Certificate course content. Bootcamps are developed for host institutions, and host institutions are responsible for selecting their participants. Bootcamps use the CC Certificate curriculum and include more collaborative work among participants than in the online courses. CC issues digital credentials to participants who complete bootcamps with 90/100 points. Discounted Costs: approximately $13,600 / host institution.

Option 3: Custom CC Workshops (online)

CC workshops provide professional learning opportunities on institution selected elements of open licensing, open education, open access, and how to get involved in open movements. These workshops can be catered to meet host-institution instructional needs, and range from partial day, full-day to multi-day events. Costs: The costs depend on scope of work, the length of the training and the number of participants, but would include the 15% discount noted above.

For more information about the three professional development options and directions to self-register for a CC professional development course please:

  1. Select an Educator or Librarian ticket option on this page
  2. Please do not select: “CC Certificate for GLAM [BETA TEST], September 2021.”
  3. When you get to the checkout page, enter the promo code (MHEC15) to apply the discount before completing your order.

For more information about Creative Commons:

For bulk purchase orders, invoicing, or other registration questions, end an email message to


CollegeSource offers two solution-oriented transfer tools – Transfer Evaluation System (TES) and Transferology. These online platforms support efficient student transfer, mitigate credit loss and increase transparency for both students and institutions. Through NEBHE, both services are now available to all higher education institutions in New England at a discounted rate.



NEBHE offers an online discussion platform that allows faculty to deliver engaging online courses. It enables educators to improve student curiosity, engagement and critical thinking through highly structured, rigorous discussion.


NEBHE’s Technology Contracts

NEBHE offers cost saving purchasing options through its agreements with MHEC. These agreements aggregate volume purchases to lower product costs and reduce the time institutions must spend developing and conducting an RFP process and reviewing bids since this work is done by MHEC. Institutions and organizations can purchase the goods or services knowing that the due diligence in selecting the vendor has already been done. These savings are available to New England colleges and universities; K-12 districts and entities; city, county, and state governments, and some non-profit organizations purchasing computers, software, printers, and other products.



NEBHE’s Cyber Insurance

NEBHE offers MHEC Cyber Insurance, an approach that analyzes the cyber threat environment, assesses vulnerabilities in security through controls and determines financial exposure. The program benchmarks how much cyber coverage similar institutions are buying.


NEBHE’s Student Health Insurance

NEBHE’s comprehensive insurance solutions through MHECare respond to increasing costs and concern for student health. Benefits and services include coverage for a wide array of student groups, as well as a commitment to promote the value of student health and student insurance to higher education leadership. The program offers a contract with national underwriter UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.


NEBHE’s Master Property Program

The MPP is a collaborative venture that provides comprehensive property coverage, specifically tailored to the needs of today’s college campuses, while reducing insurance costs and improving asset protection.

Marsh USA Inc. provides program administration, collaboratively underwritten by multiple worldwide underwriters and is supported by Captive Resources, Inc. under the direction of a Leadership Committee representative of the insured institutions. Participation in the program includes over 170 campuses with total insured values of over $100 billion.