Tuition Break Transfer

Four in ten students who begin college in New England transfer institutions at least once.

What is Tuition Break Transfer?
Tuition Break Transfer helps eligible New England students lower their tuition costs when they transfer into a bachelor’s program at an out-of-state public four-year college or university. Students are eligible when they enroll in an approved program that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in their home state – and sometimes they’re eligible when they live closer to an out-of-state college.

Cut tuition costs
Through Tuition Break, students are charged a “regional” tuition rate, which is lower than regular out-of-state-tuition. The average annual tuition discount is about $8,000.

Choose from hundreds of degree programs
More than 1,000 bachelor’s programs are offered through Tuition Break Transfer by New England’s 41 public four-year colleges and universities.

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