In preparation for NEBHE’s semi-annual Legislative Advisory Committee meetings, the Policy & Research team prepares legislative summaries and session updates related to higher education and workforce development for the New England states.

March 2020: 2020 Legislative Session Summary: Postsecondary and Workforce Development Bill Tracking, Spring 2020 Edition

September 2019: Bills passed during the 2019 legislative session and session updates

March 2019: Bills filed for the 2018-19 legislative sessions

March 2018: Bills filed for the 2017-18 legislative sessions

September 2017: Bills passed during the 2016-17 legislative sessions and session updates

April 2017: Bills filed for the 2016-17 legislative sessions

September 2016: Bills passed during the 2015-16 legislative sessions and session updates

March 2016: Bills filed for the 2015-16 legislative sessions