Chair: Rep. Rebecca Millett, Chair, Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, Maine

Co-Chair: Sen. David Watters, New Hampshire



Sen. Mae Flexer, Chair, Government Administration & Elections; Vice Chair, Higher Education and Employment Advancement

Rep. Gregg Haddad, Chair, Higher Education Subcommittee

Sen. Derek Slap, Chair, Higher Education and Employment Advancement; Vice Chair, Environment

Rep. Gary Turco, Vice Chair, Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee



*Sen. Matthea (Mattie) Daughtry, Chair, Labor and Housing

Sen. Lisa Keim, Member, Judiciary, Government Oversight

*Rep. Rebecca Millett, Member, Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, House Leaves of Absence

Sen. Marianne Moore, Member, Health and Human Services Committee



Rep. Sean Garballey, Chair, Global Warming and Climate Change; Member, Higher Education

Sen. Anne Gobi, Chair, Higher Education; Vice Chair, Redistricting

*Rep. Pat Haddad, Vice Chair, Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets

Sen. Michael Moore, Chair, Post Audit and Oversight; Vice Chair, Financial Services

*Sen. Marc R. Pacheco, Chair, State Administration and Regulatory Oversight; Vice Chair, Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy

Rep. Dave Rogers, Chair, Higher Education

Rep. Jeffrey Roy, Chair, Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy


New Hampshire

Rep. Glenn Cordelli, Vice Chair, Education Committee

Sen. Jay Kahn, Member, Education, Judiciary

Rep. Rick Ladd, Chair, Education Committee

*Rep. Michael Moffett, Vice Chair, State-Federal Relations, Veterans Affairs; Member, Education

Sen. Ruth Ward, Chair, Education Committee

*Sen. David Watters, Vice Chair, Transportation, Capital Budget, Energy and Natural Resources


Rhode Island

*Rep. Gregg Amore, Chair, Finance Subcommittee on Education; Second Vice Chair, House Education

*Sen. Lou DiPalma, Chair, Rules, Government Ethics & Oversight; First Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance

*Sen. Hanna M. Gallo, Vice Chairwoman, Senate Committee on Education

Rep. William W. O’Brien, First Vice Chair, House Corporations Committee, House Rules Committee; Second Vice Chair, House Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Rep. June Speakman, Second Vice Chair, House Municipal Government and Housing Committee



Rep. Peter Conlon, Ranking Member, House Education Committee

Rep. Kathleen James, Clerk, House Education Committee

Sen. Andrew Perchlik, Clerk, Senate Education Committee; Vice Chair, Senate Committee on Transportation


* NEBHE Board Member

The LAC is managed by Katie Singer, NEBHE’s Policy & Research Director. If you have any questions about the committee, including membership, past meetings, legislation, etc., please contact her at .