Talent Search: Bunker Hill CC Snags Grant to Prepare Disadvantaged Students

Bunker Hill Community College and partners were awarded a five-year grant of $230,000 per year by the U.S. Department of Education Talent Search program to prepare high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds for entry and success in college.

The project’s other partners include the Chelsea (Mass.) Public Schools, Families United in Educational Leadership (FUEL) and Choice Thru Education.

Through BHCC’s program, 500 Chelsea high school and middle school students, who are low-income and would be the first generation in their families to pursue college, will get customized academic, personal and financial services to help them finish high school and pursue postsecondary education.

Services will include individualized advising and case management by college coaches, assistance with secondary/postsecondary course selection, career awareness, financial planning and guidance on college entrance exams and applications. The grant will also support campus tours to area colleges and universities, and participation in college events not typically available to high school students.


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