The 2023 annual review determines programs that will be offered through the Regional Student Program (RSP), Tuition Break, for 2024-25.

NEBHE publishes updated program lists by the beginning of September.

If you are new to NEBHE’s RSP/Tuition Break Annual Review Process, or if you simply need a refresher, we recommend you start here.

Note: Any program that is approved during the 2023 review may be offered starting in Fall 2023, if the offering institution so chooses.

Reference Documents

RSP Tuition Break Documents:

Institution Specific Information:

  • Institution pages, listing currently offered RSP-eligible programs, campus contact information and 2022-23 tuition rates.

Program Information (affirmed in 2022 Annual Review)


Annual Review Process

The Annual Review has two phases requiring institutional participation, which is managed through a secure online database. Each respondent has a unique username and password.

Phase 1

NEBHE initiates the Annual Review by sending every designated RSP campus representative an email that provides a unique username and password to log into the Annual Review database.

Within the database, campus representatives complete and submit the online Phase 1 Response Form; the sections in the form are as follows:

Section 1: Institutional contact information: confirm or update.

Section 2: Information relevant to admissions: share any important information students should know about the admission process at the institution (e.g., application deadlines, restrictions for RSP/Tuition Break programs, etc.).

Section 3: RSP programs currently offered by the institution: confirm or update.

Section 4: Proposed Specialized Programs: list any programs your institution wishes to propose for eligibility.

Section 5: Participation in Flexible Programs: confirm or update.

Section 6: Participation in Proximity Policy: confirm or update.


Phase 2

NEBHE notifies campus representatives of the outcome of Phase 1. NEBHE requests a review of additional new programs proposed under the Specialized Programs Policy. 

Institutions complete and submit their Phase 2 Response Form through the online database.

NEBHE compiles and verifies institutions’ responses and confirms program eligibility.

At the beginning of September, NEBHE announces newly approved programs.


Key Definitions

Refers to majors, degrees, certificates, concentrations, or academic program of study.

Specialized program of study: (Policy 3B1)
A specialized program is distinguished by its academic and course content and is a major, specialized concentration or option that approximates a major in its requirements.

Specialized program eligibility for residents of a particular state is approved when it has been determined, via an institutional review, that a comparable program is not offered by any of that state’s public colleges or universities.

Institutional review:
Institutions review all specialized programs proposed by another institution. Institutions report to NEBHE whether or not they offer a comparable program to the proposed specialized program.

Comparable program:
A program offered by another institution is considered comparable to another academic program when it is comprised of similar course content and volume of credits. A comparable program may be a major, option or concentration.

Flexible program of study: (Policy 3B2a)
A flexible program is any degree program or certificate chosen by the institution to be eligible to the other states of New England, independent of comparable programs offered by any home-state public college or university. Certificate/diploma programs are always considered to be flexible.

Eligibility for flexible programs is not dependent on approval by the home-state public colleges.

Proximity program of study: (Policy 3B2b)
A subset of flexible programs, institutions may choose to allow eligibility for certain academic programs on the basis of proximity for residents of one or more states.

Eligibility for flexible programs is not dependent on approval by the home-state public colleges.



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