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High-Impact Practices for Cultural Competency

We live in a knowledge-driven global society. The world has closely knitted economic, social and cultural relations that offer greater entrepreneurial and professional opportunities than ever before. Since meritocracy is considered the basis for success, institutions of higher education like to invest in high-impact practices and programs that raise the quality of academic experiences for… Read more »

Successful Developmental Math: “Review-Pretest-Retest” Model Helps Students Move Forward

Much has been written about the failure of “developmental education” in mathematics. Failure has not been our experience at Worcester State University. In response to concerns about both the placement rate into developmental math courses and the failure rate in those courses, we made substantial changes in our placement program and in our course delivery…. Read more »

NE Legislatures Adjourn After a Tough Fiscal Year

Though New England state revenues have rebounded slightly during FY 2012, the states held the line on new spending for FY 2013 and, in some cases, made further cuts. The outlook for future state spending is uncertain as the economy continues to grow at a sluggish pace, and national and state elections signal new challenges…. Read more »

For-Profit Colleges: Futile Degrees or Fruitful Employment?

For-profit colleges such as the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University offer an alternative to traditional two-year and four-year non-profit institutions by focusing, if their rhetoric is to be believed, on learning “relevant material you can apply immediately to your workplace.” With the rise in unemployment and the difficulties college grads are experiencing securing jobs,… Read more »

Failure to Launch: Confronting the Male College Student Achievement Gap

A few years ago, Mathew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker generated big laughs and big box office sales in Failure to Launch, an absurd comedy about a 26-year old man still living in his parents’ basement, spending his days watching television and playing video games while the world passed him by. The film was closer… Read more »

Winter 2008 Journal: The Coming Demographic Crisis

Click the cover image to view and download this issue in PDF format. BOSTON – The new Winter 2008 issue of The New England Journal of Higher Education explores how New England colleges are expected to weather the impending demographic crisis, the controversy surrounding “ranksteering” – how colleges and universities use popular college rankings systems… Read more »

Winter 2001 Journal: Colleges and Communities:

Click the cover image to view and download this issue in PDF format. Winter 2001 For more information, contact: John O. Harney, Executive Editor, Connection 617.357.9620 email: Colleges and Communities: Connection Magazine Explores Complex Housing Issues in New England’s College Towns-and Cities New England Board of Higher Education’s quarterly journal looks at vexing aspect… Read more »