To the Summit: NEBHE and Davis Educational Foundation Convene Higher Ed Leaders to Talk Costs, Biz Models

By John O. Harney

NEBHE and the Davis Educational Foundation convened more than 200 higher education leaders this past weekend in Boston for a frank conversation about costs and the higher ed business model.

The Summit on Cost in Higher Education aimed to begin a conversation on innovative practices, collaborations and cutting-edge strategies to address the “cost disease” in higher education.

Continued erosion of public investment in higher education, public dissatisfaction with escalating costs and the technological disruption of traditional campus functions demand concerted action among the New England states and the region’s 260 higher ed institutions.

Summit participants focused on understanding instructional and non-administrative costs and how they are passed on to students, as well as strategies and best practices to reduce cost per-degree.

Among speakers at the summit …

Robert Lytle, partner at the Parthenon Group, warned of a shakeout.

Southern New Hampshire University President Paul LeBlanc told the audience that higher ed institutions need to rethink business models.

Beyond the summit, NEBHE and the foundation plan to continue to provide an ongoing forum and platform for research, pilot strategies and collaboration aimed at addressing the challenges of escalating cost.

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