An Editor’s Memos …

Looking back at New England higher ed and its impact on the economy and quality of life …

From 1990 to 2010, NEJHE Executive Editor John O. Harney wrote quarterly columns on angles in higher education and New England for The New England Journal of Higher Education and its predecessor Connection: The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education. Here are links to these “Editor’s Memos” …

NEJHE’s Paperless Future, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Winter 2010.

Campus Visiting, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Fall 2009.

Inspiration: Bob Woodbury, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Summer 2009.

Trends & Indicators, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Spring 2009.

Back with a Crash, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Winter 2009.

Support The Troops … with Education, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Fall 2007.

Changing Names, The New England Journal of Higher Education, Summer 2007.

Electives, Connection, Spring 2007.

Transparency, Connection, Winter 2007.

International Strategy, Connection, Fall 2006.

Thank You, Gadflies, Connection, Summer 2006 .

Trendspotting, Connection, Spring 2006.

Ready Yet?, Connection, Winter 2006.

Fifty Years, Connection, Fall 2005.

Artists Only, Connection, Summer 2005.

861,625, Connection, Spring 2005.

Deep Impact, Connection, Winter 2005.

Bully Pulpit, Connection, Fall 2004.

Unstable Futures, Connection, Summer 2004.

As Maine Goes …, Connection, Spring 2004.

Going Online, Connection, Winter 2004.

Regionalism and Affordability, Connection, Fall 2003.

Growing Our Own, Connection, Summer 2003.

Now and Then, Connection, Spring 2003.

Minding Our Business, Connection, Winter 2003.

New New Englanders , Connection, Fall 2002.

Issues in Campus Architecture, Connection, Summer 2002.

Data Rap, Connection, Spring 2002.

Who Will Teach, Connection, Fall 2001.

Research for the Community, Connection, Summer 2001.

College and Community, Connection, Winter 2001.

Labor Squeeze, Connection, Fall 2000.

News at 11, Connection, Summer 2000.

Access, Connection, Fall/Winter 1999.

NE Online, Connection, Summer 1999.

Future of New England, Connection, Spring 1999.

Pats Head to Hartford?, Connection, Fall 1998.

The House the Jack Hoy Built, Connection, Spring 1998.

Trends & Indicators, Connection, Fall 1997.

Distributed Learning, Connection, Summer 1997.

Knowledge Economy, Connection, Spring 1997.

International Trade, Connection, Fall 1996

Think Tanks, Connection, Summer 1996.

Higher Ed Investment, Connection, Spring 1996.

B-Schools, Connection, Summer/Fall 1995

Help Wanteds, Connection, Spring 1995.

Telecommunications, Connection, Summer 1994.

Coin of the Realm, Connection, Spring 1994.

Back of the Book, Connection, Spring/Summer 1993.

R&D, Connection, Winter 1993.

Regionalism, Connection, Spring/Summer 1992.

Working Smart, Connection, Winter 1992.

Disinvestment, Political Correctness, Connection, Summer 1991.

Thinking Environment, Connection, Spring 1991.

Roads to Recovery, Connection, Winter 1991.

NE Congressional Delegation Speaks Out, Connection, Summer 1990.

International Competitiveness, Connection, Spring 1990.


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  1. Paula Krebs

    John! Enjoy your retirement! I will miss reading your stuff; you keep me up on what’s happening in New England now that I’m in New York. I hope you have fishing or birdwatching or painting or travel plans. Thanks for all you’ve given to higher ed.


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