NACAC Reports 22 New England Campuses Still Considering Applications

The traditional May 1 deadline arrived last week. That’s the date many colleges require students who have been accepted for admission to pay a deposit indicating their commitment to enroll in the fall. Based on the number of commitments they receive, the colleges then decide whether they are in a position to consider additional applications for the fall.

That’s an important piece of information for students who have not yet determined their college destination for the fall.

The National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) surveyed its four-year college and university members to find out which ones would consider additional applications.

Now in its 26th year, NACAC’s Space Availability Survey is designed as a tool for counselors, parents and teachers as they assist students who have not yet decided which college they’ll attend in the fall.

NACAC surveyed its 1,350 U.S. member four-year colleges and universities from throughout the U.S., as well as members outside the U.S. Response to the survey was voluntary.

In all, 201 U.S. colleges and universities, and an additional nine from five other countries, reported to NACAC that they have freshman or transfer space available for fall 2013. The majority that responded to the survey and reported space available are private colleges (72%).

Only 22 New England colleges and universities reported that they have openings (see list below).

The actual number of New England colleges that are willing to consider additional fall applications is likely much higher. A similar survey conducted by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) in 2009 found that 70% of the 202 New England public and private colleges and universities responding to NEBHE’s vacancy survey still had openings for fall term applications. The “open” colleges in 2009 included 70 private four-year campuses and 26 public four-year campuses—similar to findings from NEBHE’s surveys in previous years.

NEBHE conducted an annual vacancy survey every spring from 1960 to 2009 of New England public and private undergraduate colleges and universities as a public service for New England residents and as a measure of college-application trends.

Typically, NEBHE found that the colleges, which have “rolling” admissions instead of fixed application deadlines, are better able to consider applications later in the season, and sometimes up to the beginning of the fall semester.

Also, the region’s community colleges are a safe bet for admission for late applicants, although admissions to competitive programs such as nursing, dental hygiene and other allied health programs, may have closed already.

Application deadlines, admissions acceptance rates, and other key information for New England colleges, are published in the 2013 Guide to New England and Universities, produced by NEBHE in association with Boston magazine.

NACAC’s 2013 survey results can be viewed on NACAC’s web site through June 28. Between May 2 and June 28, the institutions listed on the survey may update their space availability information. Students are advised to contact the colleges directly for the most up-to-date information.

NACAC based in Arlington, Va., is an education association with more than 13,000 members worldwide, including school counselors, college admissions officers and other education professionals.

20 New England Colleges Reporting Openings for Freshmen & Transfers

(extracted from NACAC survey on May 6, 2013; openings are limited in some cases)

Albertus Magnus College (Conn.)

Anna Maria College (Mass.)

Becker College (Mass.)

Burlington College (Vt.)

Castleton State College (Vt.)

Dean College (Mass.)

Gordon College (Mass.)

Green Mountain College (Vt.)

Husson University (Maine)

Lesley University (Mass.)

Marlboro College (Vt.)

Mitchell College (Ct.)

Newbury College (Mass.)

Southern Vermont College (Vt.)

Sterling College (Vt.)

University of Maine at Farmington (Maine)

University of Maine at Fort Kent (Maine)

Western Connecticut State University (Conn.)

Western New England University (Mass.)

Wheelock College (Mass.)


2 New England Colleges Reporting Openings for Transfers Only

Curry College (Mass.)

Saint Michael’s College (Vt.)


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