Views of Presidential Candidates on Higher Education: A Brief Bibliography

Over the next two weeks, the two major U.S. parties will be pitching their platforms on issues facing Americans. It’s a good time to learn more about their views on higher education and its connections to economic development. Much of the rhetoric has focused on ideas such as free college and combating student loan debt, as well as the candidates’ involvement with for-profit higher ed outfits. Here are a few recent articles on the presidential candidates’ positions on higher education policy issues …

Trump Plan Would Base Student Loans on Employability, Matt Krupnick, Hechinger Report, July 19, 2016

Compare the Candidates: Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Education?

, Alyson Klein; Andrew Ujifusa; Sumi Bannerjee, Education Week, July 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton Tacks Left on Higher Ed, Andrew P. Kelly, Forbes, July 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Embraces Ideas From Bernie Sanders’s College Tuition Plan, Stephanie Saul and Matt Flegenheimer,


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