May 22, 2020 — Forthcoming

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May 15, 2020

Resources Spotlight: Anticipating the Fiscal Implications of COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of Higher Education

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May 8, 2020

Resources Spotlight: State Reopening Plans and Guidance for Repopulating Colleges

      • NEBHE Summary: Overview of New England State Reopening Plans and Higher Education Guidance
      • To date, only Connecticut has issued guidance regarding the reopening of college campuses. On May 6, Gov. Lamont announced the details of a report containing recommendations for a phased reopening of colleges and universities in Connecticut. It is likely that Maine will announce its own plans for higher education soon. Gov. Mills’ Economic Recovery Committee has three higher education leaders, each representing a different sector: private four-year institutions, public four-year institutions, and community colleges. Maine and Connecticut are the only states to have a community college representatives on their advisory committees. Gov. Baker (Massachusetts) has a president of a private college on his reopening advisory board; this board lacks representation from the public sector. Gov. Sununu (New Hampshire) and Gov. Scott (Vermont) lack higher education representation of any kind on their advisory councils. Gov. Raimondo (Rhode Island) does not have a reopening advisory council.
State Reopening Blueprints:
Massachusetts (will be released by May 18)
Economic Impact of Higher Education in New England

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Compliance Consideration of the Week: New required disclosures relative the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF).

May 1, 2020

Resources Spotlight: Supporting International Students During COVID-19

In AY 2018-19, international students accounted for 9.8% of total postsecondary enrollment at New England’s colleges and universities. The U.S. Department of State estimates that, during this period, these students added approximately $4.3 billion to the region’s economy. Following recent travel restrictions and health advisories due to COVID-19, the American Council on Education forecasts that international student enrollment for the next academic year could drop by as much as 25% – which would translate to a staggering loss of roughly $1 billion to our region’s economy. Even a slight shift in the enrollment of foreign students – who typically pay full tuition – would dramatically impact nearly all higher education institutions in New England, from Ivy League schools to community colleges.

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Compliance Consideration of the Week: A reminder about disclosing proctoring fees

Apr. 24, 2020

Resources Spotlight: Career Services and Professional Skill Development in COVID-19

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    • University of Maine System’s Response to COVID-19-Related College Closures
    • Career Training Support Tools
Compliance Consideration of the Week: FERPA in Light of COVID-19

Apr. 17, 2020

Resources Spotlight: Managing Mental and Emotional Health: Addressing the Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Promising Practices: Mental Health Support Systems for College Students and/or Faculty Coping with COVID-19

Apr. 10, 2020

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    • Workforce Training Opportunities for Laid-Off Workers
    • Support for New Program Development in Response to Workforce Shifts

Compliance Consideration of the Week: Checking in on your student complaint process

Apr. 3, 2020

Resources Spotlight:

    • NEBHE Analysis: Projected Impact of the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund on New England HEIs
    • Learning to Teach Online: Resources for Faculty Migrating Traditional Courses to Online Mid-Semester
Promising Practices: Repurposing Existing Resources to Provide Assistance
Compliance Consideration of the Week: Seeking State Authorization for out-of-state Distance Learning

Mar. 27, 2020

Resources Spotlight: H.R. 748, CARES Act (Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Relief Bill)

Promising Practices: Colleges, Organizations Offer Emergency Aid to Students

Compliance Consideration of the Week: Accessibility for Students with Disabilities