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Salomon-Fernández Headed to SNHU

Comings and Goings … Yves Salomon-Fernández announced she will step down as president of Greenfield Community College on Aug. 15 and become senior vice president at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). She previously served as president of Cumberland County College in New Jersey and interim president of MassBay Community College. Salomon-Fernández has authored several pieces… Read more »

MassBay Community College VP and Frequent NEJHE Author Salomon-Fernandez Named Interim Prez

Salomon-Fernandez Comings and Goings … Massachusetts Bay Community College Vice President for Strategic Planning and Partnership Advancement Yves Salomon-Fernandez was named interim president of the college, succeeding John O’Donnell who will retire this summer. Salomon-Fernandez has also served as executive officer for MassBay’s Framingham campus and authored several articles for NEJHE. Rhode Island Gov. Gina…

College Completion and the Future of Work: Implications in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

College completion matters, especially from the perspective of equity. Who finishes, how long it takes them, how much they benefit economically and how their citizenship benefits local communities all matter. This is especially true of knowledge-driven, innovation economies in New England. For Massachusetts—a state that ranks third highest in the nation for cost of living—a… Read more »

Emphasis on Math Stops Some from Full Participation in Education, Economy

In June 2015, we argued in a NEJHE article “Reducing Math Obstacles to Higher Education,” that intensified efforts to improve math education may make sense for many students, but for other students–those who lack ability or interest in math–the prescription of more math limits their ability to attain a college credential. As a result, heightened… Read more »

Harvard SPH Names First Black, Female Dean; Former Congressman to Lead Arms Control Group; Affordability Guru Moves East

Williams Comings and Goings … Epidemiologist Michelle A. Williams, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, will become the first black person to head a faculty at Harvard and the first female dean of the school, beginning in July. Susan D. Stuebner, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College,… Read more »

Reducing Math Obstacles to Higher Education

The last few months have brought changes in the leadership of public education in Massachusetts. The new secretary of education and chair of the Board of Higher Education both have deep expertise in education reform and accountability, and broad experiences in business. This new leadership could bring momentum for a “systems approach” to reduce the… Read more »

How Obama’s Tuition-Free Community College Plan Would Affect One State

President Obama started off the year with a proposal to make a community college education as “universal” as high school by making the associate degree or first two years of a bachelor’s degree tuition-free. The details of how this would be funded are still emerging. Should the proposal successfully move through Congress, Massachusetts, for one,… Read more »


Within the information technology sector, cybersecurity is considered its own supersector. As information becomes increasingly digitized and a growing array of transactions can be completed in the cloud, people, governments and enterprises become increasingly more vulnerable. This vulnerability is capitalized upon by hackers and other cybercriminals, as evidenced in the high-profile breaches at the U.S…. Read more »

View the Middle-Skills Gap Through a Competitiveness Lens

It’s not every day that one finds Harvard Business School (HBS) advocating for community and technical colleges. Adding its own voice to an increasingly loud refrain on the country’s “middle-skills” gap, HBS’s recent report co-authored with Accenture and Burning Glass, addresses this problem from a unique perspective—that of U.S. competitiveness. Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s… Read more »

To Close Middle-Skills Gap, Improve Community College Outcomes

Over the past four years, there has been intense talk about the middle-skills gap in New England. In Massachusetts—from the governor, often flanked by business leaders, to the commissioner of higher education, to President Obama speaking at a high school in Worcester this past spring—it appears that everyone is concerned with the middle-skills gap. And… Read more »