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USNH Chancellor Todd J. Leach Becomes NEBHE Chair

University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Chancellor Todd J. Leach was named the next chair of the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) at the board’s annual fall meeting. Leach is the seventh chancellor of USNH, New Hampshire’s four-year public higher education system comprising the University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University, Keene State College and… Read more »

Beyond Sensational Anecdotes, Public Needs to Understand Student Debt and Forgiveness Proposals

The issue of student debt is now at the forefront of public discourse and political debate. There is no question that debt, not just student debt, impacts our economy and hinders the economic wellbeing of many Americans. At the same time, the factors that lead to that debt should not be ignored. Not all student… Read more »

More Leadership Innovations

Comings and Goings … In another example of increasingly common leadership innovations in higher education, University of New Hampshire President James W. “Jim” Dean Jr. will take on the additional role of interim chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire, working with the presidents of Keene State College and Plymouth State University to advance… Read more »

DNF in the Race to Change Higher Education

In racing lingo, “DNF” stands for “Did Not Finish.” Unless getting to the finish line is a simple straight-line drag race, winning a race takes a lot more than horsepower and can be as dependent upon: brakes that allow the highest approach speeds to corners, suspension and downforce that keep the car on the track… Read more »

Access to What?

The current shakeout in higher education won’t necessarily leave a gap in terms of accessibility, since workforce demands will ensure some form of credentialing replaces it. But the value of what fills the gap is an open question. … As the head of public system, advocating for funding to support greater access to higher education… Read more »

Remote Courses Do Not Make an Online College

Remote learning was a key component of college strategies for addressing the COVID-19 crisis across the country. More than 1,100 colleges went entirely remote by March 2020, according to the education consultancy Entangled Solutions. The College Crisis Initiative at Davidson College indicated that 44% of institutions had developed fully (or primarily) remote instruction by September… Read more »

Colleges May Have Survived COVID … But Surviving Post-COVID May Prove More Difficult

Colleges and universities were hit hard by the COVID crisis. The American Council on Education (ACE) estimated a total impact of $120 billion in a recent letter to legislators. That number reflects both direct expenses and lost revenues. It is easy to identify the direct expenses associated with testing, cleaning, PPE, remote learning technology and…