U.S. Dept of Ed: We’re Looking for a Few Good Ideas

The U.S. Department of Education released a Request for Information on promising and practical strategies to increase postsecondary success.

The department invites submissions from institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, states, systems of higher education, adult education providers, researchers, and institutional faculty and staff, or consortia of these groups.

The aim is to collect strategies that could be replicated or scaled-up to meet national college-completion goals. In addition to information about the program or strategy, submissions should include information on the factors perceived as most important to successful implementation, a relevant context that enables successful practice, and any evidence available on the impact of the program or strategy.

This is the second round of requests; responses from the first round have been posted along with outcomes data.

New England submissions posted from the first round include:

For more information, please contact Federick Winter at 202-502-7632 or frederick.winter[at]ed.gov.


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