The Art of Math at Westfield

Westfield State University math professors were awarded a $550,600 grant from the National Science Foundation to support an innovative approach to teaching mathematics to non-mathematics and science students.

The grant, titled “Discovering the Art of Mathematics (DAoM): Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics for Liberal Arts,” supports development of a library of 10 full-length, standalone textbooks, student and teacher resource guides and assessment tools for Mathematics for Liberal Arts courses.

Mathematics for Liberal Arts includes college-level, general education math courses for students whose majors do not require a particular mathematics course like calculus, algebra or statistics.

The professors who received the grant—Julian Fleron, Philip Hotchkiss, Volker Ecke and Christine von Renesse—say they hope DAoM will help more people realize that while mathematics is practical, it can also be approached creatively and artisticly serving as a bridge between the STEM fields and the arts and humanities.



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