Obama’s Higher Ed Proposals

When President Obama outlined his higher education agenda in Buffalo last week, commentators tuned out the beat of war drums (this time against Syria) and began dissecting the president’s plan on the college front. The overriding question: Can the new models conceived of by consultants and think tanks over the past decade—and now advanced by the president—work to lower cost without sacrificing quality?

Following are some of the commentaries that emerged after the president unveiled his plans.

President Obama Rolls Out Higher Education Plan

Health Care and Education are Messed Up for the Same Reason

Obama’s Pay-for-College-Performance Plan Is Standard in Tennessee

In NH, Obama’s Education Plan Finds Appreciative Skeptics | New Hampshire Education

Big Challenges Ahead for President Obama’s College Ratings

4 Key Ideas in Obama’s Plan Bear Familiar Fingerprints

Higher Education Leaders Respond to Obama’s Ambitious Ratings System Plan

Mr. President, Here’s the College Reform You Forgot

Do The Data Exist To Make A College-Rating System Work?

Obama’s Student-Aid Plan Could Cripple Liberal Arts Programs

READ: Obama’s Full Plan to Rein in Higher Ed Costs

Obama’s Quietly Radical College Cost Agenda


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