New Enrollment Data Show NE College Student Pop. Nears Million Mark, But Region’s Share of US Total Dips

New England’s public and private nonprofit colleges and universities enrolled nearly a million full- and part-time students in 2010. But the region’s historically disproportionate share of total U.S. enrollment continued to decline to 4.7%, down from 5.4% early in the decade.

For more than a half-century, NEBHE has been publishing tables and charts exploring “Trends & Indicators” in New England’s demography, high school performance and graduation, college enrollment, college graduation rates and degree production, higher education financing and university research.

Our new online format allows us to bring you these stats on a more timely basis. To view the latest updates are to our Enrollment section, visit Trends & Indicators: Continually Updated Stats on New England’s Education and Economy.



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