Nellie Mae Education Foundation Issues Report Boosting Technology in Schools

More than 40% of high school students feel unprepared to use technology as they look ahead to college and work, and only 8% of teachers fully integrate technology in the classroom, according to Integrating Technology with Student-Centered Learning, a new report prepared for the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) of Quincy, Mass., by Education Development Center (EDC) of Newton, Mass.

The report examines current literature to better understand how technology could be used to advance the foundation’s focus on student-centered learning at the high school level across New England.

More specifically, the report explores how integration of computer- and web-based tools, applications and games, as well as video and technology associated with mechanical and electrical engineering, can expand education beyond traditional boundaries.

The report contends that technology could help diagnose and address individual needs and help establish a clear baseline from which teachers can then serve as coaches and advisors, steering students to the right mix of resources to meet academic requirements and enhance the knowledge and skills valued by employers and not typically measured in achievement tests.

Moreover, technology can equip students to independently organize their learning process, the report notes. Through online learning and digital games, students have the ability to direct their own progress.


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