NAICU’s Flanagan Speaks on Student Unit Records Debate in Radio Higher Ed Podcast

tEmFNVIV-CDBEFliaZMDMFoC224AQvNYbSCjSDtJvQMWsDUyn6towsMT2sywIUvDL1xdfZ32tKBAwSEMeR-QABmIeD3-1gdIV3hulcO6G8JrwkNwPnmx7fR2lIPYZrhQSAgyRQ6J9HKLFA61stdC9gs0-d-e1-ftThrough its partnership with, NEJHE is pleased to provide a conversation about the debate over federal unit records system in higher education with Sarah Flanagan, vice president for government relations & policy development with the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU).

Radio Higher Ed’s entire podcast collection can be accessed by visiting or by subscribing through iTunes at


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