Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: NEBHE Collaborates with New England HERC to Introduce Constantly Refreshing “Joblink” for Higher Ed

As part of its mission to tie higher education to the economic well-being of New England, NEBHE has partnered with the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NE HERC) to provide access to recruitment and employment resources to address faculty and staff hiring needs.

The mission of the NE HERC, which was founded in 2006, is to advance the efforts of member institutions to recruit and retain outstanding and diverse faculty and staff and to assist dual-career couples. Moreover, together with NEBHE, NE HERC seeks to raise the profile of the higher education industry in New England as an employer of choice for diverse and highly qualified professionals across all disciplines and functions.

With nearly 18,000 registered job-seekers, 3,000 faculty and staff jobs, and 2.5 million unique website visits per year, NE HERC provides the largest higher education job board in New England, as well as a community of 64 member institutions sharing best practices and participating in strategic networking events and an assortment of targeted professional development opportunities every year.

“This collaboration will serve New England institutions in their recruitment and hiring of faculty and staff while providing services to individuals working in, or desiring to work in, New England’s vibrant higher education sector,” said NEBHE President and CEO Michael K. Thomas.

Click here to view our Joblink page, or use the jobs feed sidebar in the right hand column of every page here at And if you have questions about joining HERC, visit the consortium’s homepage here.

Jennifer M. Ivers is director of the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. John O. Harney is executive editor of The New England Journal of Higher Education.


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