Here Come the Guvs …

New England’s governors on strategies for higher education

We’ve invited each of the six New England governors to write short articles for The New England Journal of Higher Education on future challenges facing higher education in their respective states. In June, we’ll begin posting each piece by the chief executives in alphabetical order by state, starting with Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

A decade ago, in a more playful way, we asked prominent New Englanders to imagine they were campaigning to be “Governor of New England.” It being a fictional position, the “candidates” had nothing to gain and nothing to lose. The exercise brought forth candid thoughts about the ideals and complexities of regionalism and interstate cooperation. See Governor of New England? Issues Revealed, Tongues in Cheek, the Campaign Begins.

Keep an eye out for the ideas and strategies of real, sitting New England governors on the very non-fictional business of improving higher education through tough times.


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