¿Habla Español? Nuestras Páginas Web de Tuition Break Ahora Presentan Información en Español!

By Wendy Lindsay

Speak Spanish? Our Tuition Break web pages now have information in Spanish!

NEBHE’s Tuition Break, the Regional Student Program (RSP) has been helping New England students and families access academic programs out of state at reduced tuition for more than 60 years.

In recognition of the region’s growing Hispanic population and advice that those families could benefit from accessing college and financial aid information translated to Spanish, NEBHE has published some key web-based content in Spanish.

During the period 2016 to 2032, the number of minority high school graduates in New England is predicted to increase significantly—including an increase of 46% among Hispanics, according to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education’s (WICHE) 2016 Knocking at the College Door report, also covered in Newslink.

NEBHE’s new webpage, Tuition Break en Español provides key information in Spanish about NEBHE’s tuition-saving program, Tuition Break.

In addition, NEBHE’s website also provides general Financial Aid Information and College Planning Resources in Spanish.

NEBHE expects that the new content in Spanish will be particularly helpful for high school counselors, and staff at outreach agencies and community organizations, who work with predominantly Spanish-speaking students and families.

Through NEBHE’s Tuition Break, students are eligible to pay significantly less than the regular out-of-state tuition, when they enroll in eligible programs at out-of-state public colleges and universities within New England. About 2,000 undergraduate and graduate programs are made available through Tuition Break. Eligibility varies by college and state.

A full-time student enrolled through Tuition Break currently saves an average of $7,900. Tuition rates and savings vary, depending on the college or university.

During the 2018-19 academic year, 8,159 New England students and their families saved an estimated $54 million on their tuition bills thanks to Tuition Break. Meanwhile, the region’s public colleges and universities received an estimated $98 million in tuition payments from students enrolled through Tuition Break at their institutions. More details about 2018-19 enrollment and tuition savings and revenue are published in the Tuition Break’s annual report.


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