Get Charged! Economists to Meet in Boston on Energy, Infrastructure Issues

The New England Economic Partnership (NEEP) will hold “Building the Backbone of Energy Efficiency” on Tuesday, June 2 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Co-sponsored by the Brandeis International Business School and the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, the NEEP conference begins at 12:15 p.m., leading to an evening reception and dinner honoring Siemens USA President and CEO Eric Spiegel with the Perlmutter Award for Global Business Leadership.

“In the coldest days of February, New England almost faced a brownout,” noted John Ballantine, senior lecturer at Brandeis International Business School. “We were saved by the extended shutdown of the New England Yankee nuclear plant. To be competitive in the future, New England must find ways to invest in a flexible grid and a mix of less expensive energy sources—gas, hydro, wind. This requires a coordinated energy policy across the six New England states and investment of billions of dollars to modernize our infrastructure.”

“The conference at the Boston Fed on June 2 is an important part of the agenda setting process,” Ballantine added.

NEEP is a member-supported nonprofit that provides objective economic analyses and forecasts. Twice a year, NEEP publishes macroeconomic forecasts of the New England region and its six individual states. This meeting’s will be juiced with an eye toward energy costs and infrastructure needs.

Kevin Lindemer, managing director of IHS Global Insight/Cambridge Energy Research Associates, will open the gathering with a talk on New England Energy Challenges and Trends.

Panels of consultants and scientists will explore Infrastructure Needs and Our Electrical Grid for the 21st Century and Technology, Innovation and Sustainability.

Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew A. Beaton will take part in a discussion of state and regional energy policy in the 21st century.

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