Data Connection: State Work, Guns, Sports

By John O. Harney

In January, we revived the collection of facts and figures called “Data Connection” that we had published quarterly for nearly 20 years in the print editions of The New England Journal of Higher Education.

The latest …

Change in Connecticut State University System (CSUS) “administrative and residual” staff, fiscal 2006 to fiscal 2011: -15% Connecticut State University System

Change in CSUS full-time instructional personnel (faculty) during that period: +10% Connecticut State University System

Share of accounting employees at Certified Public Accounting firms who are Hispanic/Latino: 3% American Institute of CPAs

Share who are Black/African-American: 3% American Institute of CPAs

Number of states that now allow weapons in their state capitol buildings after New Hampshire in January overturned a ban on weapons in the State House and permitted concealed weapons on the House floor and in the visitors gallery: 7 National Conference of State Legislatures

Share of of football players who competed for programs ranked in Sports Illustrated’s 2010 preseason top 25 were charged with or cited for a crime: 7% Investigation by Sports Illustrated and CBS News

Amount of money the University of Connecticut athletic department lost at the 2011 Fiesta Bowl: $1,800,000 The Daily Campus

Amount UConn absorbed from 14,729 unsold tickets:  $2,924,385 The Daily Campus

Change in number of applications to Butler University one year after the Indianapolis university made it to the NCAA basketball championship: +41% Butler University

Population of Maine, 2010: 1,328,361  Lewiston Sun Journal on U.S. Census

Change in population of Maine, 200o to 2010: +4.2% Lewiston Sun Journal on U.S. Census

Change in Maine’s non-white population: +37% Lewiston Sun Journal on U.S. Census


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