Data Connection: Demography, Economy and Sports

By John O. Harney

Rank of Massachusetts among U.S. states in Haitian population: 3rd U.S. Census Bureau (Florida ranks #1, New York ranks #2)

Rank of Connecticut among U.S. states in Haitian population: 7th U.S. Census Bureau

Amount women nationally earn for every dollar earned by the average white, non-Hispanic man: $0.82 National Women’s Law Center

Amount women make in Vermont, the state with the narrowest gender wage gap: $0.91 National Women’s Law Center

Number of colleges and universities that field football teams, including six that will launching this in 2021 and one planned for 2024: 765 National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (one of the new 2021 programs will be at Post University of Waterbury, Conn.)

Estimated minimum amount the NCAA and related groups spent lobbying lawmakers to shape reforms related to legislation allowing college athletes to receive endorsement money: $750,000 Associated Press

Number of years between the University of Maine’s Maine Business School unveiling this fall of a new Sports Management major and its last new major: 55 Maine Business School

John O. Harney is executive editor of The New England Journal of Higher Education.

Ticket Booth and Tents” collage by Montserrat College professor Timothy Harney.



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