Collaboration with Radio HigherEd will Bring NEJHE Readers Podcasts of Convos with Higher Ed Experts

The New England Journal of Higher Education (NEJHE) announces a new partnership with to provide readers with access to higher education policy podcasts designed to inform and challenge listeners to consider higher education policy issues and their implications.

The podcasts feature interviews by cofounder and former New Hampshire State Higher Education Executive Officer Kathryn Dodge, and colleagues Denver-based higher education policy expert Alison Griffin, and Washington, D.C. lawyer Elise Scanlon with key thinkers in higher education. NEJHE will feature links to each new podcast as it is released.

Previous podcasts have featured conversations with Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Ed, Kelly Field and Eric Kelderman of The Chronicle of Higher Education and Peg Miller of Change Magazine, as well as Stan Jones of Complete College America, David Bergeron, formerly of the U.S. Department of Education, and Jason Delisle of New America.

“ makes it possible for listeners to follow policy developments in a way that is both substantive and timely,” said Dodge.

Radio Higher Ed’s entire podcast collection can be accessed by visiting or by subscribing through iTunes at It is also available in the University of New Hampshire Scholars’ Repository, where it can be searched by key word, topic or person.




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