A Start-Up in Peace: Israeli and Palestinian Students to Launch Businesses at Babson

More than 40 Israeli and Palestinian students will learn about entrepreneurship and establish businesses this summer at Babson College and, ideally, bring a spirit of peace and understanding back to their countries.

The three-part program will begin with orientation in the Middle East during the last week in May, entrepreneurship education at Babson during July and August, and business launch and management throughout the rest of 2011 back in the Middle East.

Students will also meet with U.S entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and include community service projects in their business plans. All company profits will be donated to the students’ community service program

Students will get seed capital from Babson and participate in distance-learning initiatives to keep global faculty and support teams updated. At the end of 16 weeks, they will complete a Report to the Community in the Middle East, and present it to faculty members, community service organizations, local diplomats and politicians, family members, and fellow classmates.


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