Space Remains for Fall Admission at Many New England Campuses, According to Annual Vacancy Survey

BOSTON—Nearly 160 New England public and independent colleges and universities were still considering additional freshman and/or transfer applications for fall 2005 as of the traditional May 2 college admissions deadline, according to a survey released today by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE).

NEBHE polled 212 undergraduate colleges and universities throughout New England to determine which institutions were willing to consider, as of May 2, 2005, additional freshman and/or transfer applications for fall 2005 admission.

“There’s room at the inn for New England students who have yet to make a college decision, are wait-listed or were not admitted to the institution of their choice,” said NEBHE President and CEO Evan S. Dobelle. “Students should apply now — many of these available spaces will soon be filled.”

Among the key survey findings:

  • Nearly 70% of colleges surveyed —148 campuses—still had fall 2005 openings for qualified freshman and transfer applicants as of the traditional May 2 deadline.
  • 46 New England colleges surveyed were closed to freshman and transfer applicants as of May 2.
  • 10 colleges surveyed reported openings for transfer students only and one reported freshman openings only.
  • 95% of the colleges reporting openings indicated that financial aid was still available to qualified applicants as of May 2.

Many community college programs in the high-demand allied health fields, including nursing, radiological technology and dental hygiene, were full to capacity and closed to new applicants.

Admissions Trends

The New England institutions that were willing to consider additional freshman and/or transfer applications as of May 2 included:

  • 74 private four-year colleges and universities,
  • 30 public four-year colleges and universities,
  • 12 private two-year colleges
  • 43 public community colleges, which generally offer admissions on a “rolling basis” as part of their missions.

Apply now!

NEBHE officials urge prospective college students to apply to campuses with openings as soon as possible because available slots may be limited. In addition, certain programs at these “open” institutions may be closed. Students are advised not to reapply to any colleges where their applications have already been rejected. Most colleges indicated that limited on-campus housing was available for additional new students as of May 2.

A list of New England colleges and universities with fall term openings has been sent to all New England high school guidance directors. Survey results are also available online here and from NEBHE, 45 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111. Phone: 617.357.9620.

About the New England Student Vacancy Survey

NEBHE has surveyed New England higher education institutions every year since 1960 as a public service to college-bound New England residents and as a measure of college application trends. This year’s survey garnered a 97 percent response.

NEBHE is a nonprofit, congressionally authorized agency whose mission is to promote greater educational opportunities and services for the residents of New England. NEBHE programs are principally focused on the relationship between New England higher education and regional economic development.


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