Work in Progress: New HERC Jobs Feed Goes Live

The New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) will go live with a website and job board redesign on Feb. 13.

Since summer 2011, NEBHE and New England HERC have collaborated to post jobs on’s Joblink page.

The new changes come after HERC surveyed thousands of job-seekers and hundreds of member institutions across the nation, undergoing an exhaustive website and job board RFP process, and performing many months of research, discovery and development with technology partners, Systems Alliance and Boxwood.

The new site improves the consortium’s ability to help member institutions find outstanding and diverse faculty and staff and to support dual-career couples. It also significantly expands services and tools for today’s job-seekers.

Improvements for member institutions include:

  • Member profiles. All HERC members will have the opportunity to create and edit a profile about their institution at no additional charge.
  • Enhanced conversion data on applicants and job-seekers. The new system will be able to track how and when a job-seeker leaves the HERC site to go to an institutional website; it will also capture applicants who’ve gone on to apply for positions.
  • Ability to post jobs in multiple regions. Each job listing will have a unique location field that is specific to that job regardless of the member institution’s address.
  • Continuation of HERC’s OneClick. HERC has maintained its relationship with JobTarget’s OneClick, which allows members to research and post to multiple job boards with just one click.
  • Continuation and improvement of HERC’s CV/resume database. The new database is more searchable and trackable, while providing high-quality candidates. 
  • Enhanced social media engagement. Integrating the job board with better social media access will enable members and job-seekers to connect over any number of platforms. 

Improvements for job-seekers include:

  • Unified site for all regional HERCs. The 14 regional HERCs joined forces to establish a job search function on one shared website based on consistent job-seeker feedback that they want the ability to easily search within and across HERC regions. Each region (including New England) will maintain its own brand, content and regionally specific information.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. The new site greatly improves HERC’s compliance with guidelines.
  • Improved job searching. Improved job-filtering options and more ways to be notified of new jobs makes it easier for job-seekers to find relevant jobs.
  • Enhanced dual-career search options. HERC has made it even easier for job-seekers to search for jobs for their partners within a commutable distance with dual-career search technology that is integrated into the main job search area and surpasses any other technology on the market. 
  • Mobile access. The new website is mobile-friendly, and job-seekers can now access their accounts and search for jobs on the go.

If you have any questions about the re-launch or HERC in general, please contact the New England HERC director, Jennifer Ivers, at 617-495-9154 or


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