Taking Our Medicine: From One New England Journal to Another

By John O. Harney

As the New England Board of Higher Education celebrates its 55th anniversary this year with our new content hub website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, it is comforting to know our early history has a place in one of the oldest journals in New England.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently added online archives containing material published between 1812 to 1989. The archives are meant for NEJM subscribers, but the folks at the Massachusetts Medical Society, which publishes the journal, kindly made the articles that are about NEBHE available to our readers as well.

Among the treasures: a 1957 commentary on NEBHE’s founding, a follow-up on NEBHE’s progress, and an article on NEBHE’s contract program which evolved to offer forgivable loans for medical students who practice in under-served areas but was discontinued by 1989.

For a more comprehensive look at where NEBHE has been for its first-half century-plus, check out our timeline of higher education and economic development.


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