Solving Problems: NEBHE Launches New PBL Projects Website

The New England Board of Higher Education’s (NEBHE) Problem Based Learning (PBL) Projects team is pleased to announce the launch of a new website combining the Advanced Manufacturing PBL, STEM PBL, and PHOTON PBL projects with their industry-based case studies called Challenges into one comprehensive website.

The Advanced Manufacturing PBL, STEM PBL and PHOTON PBL projects remain accessible via NEBHE’s Professional and Curriculum Development page.

The PBL Projects Challenges can now be found under the Challenges button on new site has replaced the following URLs, all of which have been redirected to

The new website supports Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10+. Please check and update your Flash Player if you encounter difficulty viewing images or videos on the site.

For more, contact Project Coordinator Nicole Schepker at or 617-357-9620 x 113  

The PBL Projects of the New England Board of Higher Education are funded in part by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program (DUE Numbers 1204941, 0903051, 0603143).


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