Olin College’s First Employee, its President, Will Step Down in a Year; New Prez at Hampshire Plots Rebound

By John O. Harney

Comings and Goings …


Olin College President Richard K. Miller announced he will step down on June 30, 2020, after 21 years leading the unique engineering college, where he was the first employee. Miller was appointed in 1999 after the F.W. Olin Foundation announced plans to create a college from scratch and began an experiment to educate engineers differently, emphasizing principles of teamwork, project design and communication skills.

Hampshire College chose Edward C. Wingenbach to be the eighth president of the college, which in June was given the five months by the regional accreditor to shore up its finances and stabilize its leadership or potentially lose its accreditation. Wingenbach was acting president of Ripon College in Wisconsin from January to the end of June, where he served as vice president, dean of faculty and professor of politics and government from 2015 to 2019.

The University of New Haven named Quinnipiac University Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid Gregory E. Eichhorn to be its vice president of operations and student success. 


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