Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Participate in NEBHE’s Redesigning Student Aid in New England Project

The Finance Authority of Maine, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authorityhave been selected through a competitive RFP process to participate in the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) Redesigning Student Aid in New England (Redesigning Aid) project, funded by Lumina Foundation.

NEBHE will help project participants redesign and align their student financial aid policies and programs by:

  • Conducting research to assess the impact of current state financial aid policies and programs on New England students and families;
  • Hosting regional meetings on student financial aid redesign and facilitating regional dialogue on financial aid and college affordability; and
  • Contracting with nationally recognized financial aid redesign consultants to provide additional support to project participants in their redesign efforts.

Additionally, NEBHE plans to invite other New England states to regional student financial aid convenings to engage in a broader conversation about college affordability and the redesign of policies and programs that support greater student access and completion.

“NEBHE is enthusiastic about working with these three organizations to identify strategies for using state aid programs to strengthen college affordability,” said NEBHE President and CEO Michael K. Thomas. “Maximizing the effectiveness of financial aid policies is crucial—particularly given the ongoing pressures of tuition increases, stagnant earnings of middle- and lower-income families, and limited state investment in financial aid programs. We appreciate the interest and commitment of these three states and recognize Lumina’s generous support for this groundbreaking work.”




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