Harvard Taps Former Tufts Leader Bacow as New Prez; Pantic to Leave Wentworth Helm in 2019

By John O. Harney

Comings and Goings …

Lawrence Bacow, former Tufts president, was named the next president of Harvard University, succeeding Drew Gilpin Faust, who became Harvard’s first woman president in 2007 and is set to retire in June. As president of Tufts, Bacow wrote a piece for NEJHE (when it we called Connection) arguing that early decision while a “highly effective—and therefore highly seductive—tool for managing enrollment [is] not always in the best interest of most students or their parents—and not even in the best interest of the colleges that practice it.” Noting that Bacow will “become president of the world’s most prestigious university” Boston Globe higher education reporter Laura Krantz compiled some advice for the new president from students, alumni, faculty and others.

Wentworth Institute of Technology’s first female president, engineer Zorica Pantic announced  that she will step down as president in 2019 after 14 years on the job. In the Summer 2007 edition of NEJHE, Pantic offered prescriptions for colleges to work with local high schools, businesses and other organizations to build a STEM pipeline.



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