Grant Moors College of the Atlantic to NYC School on Enviro Science

It is fairly well-documented that most underprivileged students see any early interest they had in STEM fields vanish in high school due to lack of school resources and inattention or exclusion. It’s certainly true of environmental sciences.

But a new grant aims to reverse that. College of the Atlantic (COA) was awarded $134,000 from the Brooke Astor One-Year Fund for New York City Education to work with the New York Harbor School (NYHS) to improve environmental science education and college preparation for socioeconomically disadvantaged New York City high school students.

Founded in 2002, the NYHS on Governors Island prepares public school students for marine and environmentally related careers, using skill-building activities on New York City’s waterways.

The grant will allow COA students to spend a 15-week semester working with marine science teachers at NYHS in classes such as aquaculture, marine biology research, marine systems technology and ocean engineering. NYHS students will be able to take part in summer field programs at the COA campus in Maine.



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