Total Undergraduate Enrollment
$ 17800
Tuition and Fees (without financial aid)

Bachelor’s degree*


*Online/hybrid programming available

2 Endowed scholarships for non-traditional students who’ve returned to school after a 5 year + gap

State grant

Institutional grant

State scholarship

Institutional scholarship

Tuition discount/waiver

Online/hybrid programming




Accepted through:

Advanced Placement (AP)

International Baccalaureate (IB)


UVM accepts credits from other institutions for courses with grades of a C or above.

In place with:

Community College of Vermont (CCV)

Learning center

Tutoring resources

Application assistance/support (via phone, email)

On campus food pantry

Assistance outside the academic year

On campus office of student support (focus on food an housing)

For more information, contact an admissions advisor at 802-656-2085 or by email at learn@uvm.edu

or visit UVM’s admissions page.