Total Undergraduate Enrollment (2018)
$ 41000
Avg. Net Price (2017-18)

Bachelor’s degree*

Associate degree*


*Online/hybrid programming available

State grant

Institutional grant

State scholarship

Institutional scholarship

Tuition discount/waiver

Weekend courses

Evening courses

Online courses



Accepted through:

Advanced Placement (AP)

International Baccalaureate (IB)


Joint Service

Accelerated programs: Explore Fast Track, SHU’s 3-year degree program, here.

Competency-based education

Open educational resources on a course-by-course basis;Through the library

Campus-wide/institutional OER portal

Follett, bookstore agreement with Lumen Learning

Extended office hours

Learning center

Tutoring resources (including online tutoring)

Access to advisors 24/7

Application assistance/support (via phone, email)

Partnerships with community organizations

For more information, contact 

Pam Pillo, Executive Director of Admissions 

(203)365-7560, pillop@sacredheart.edu

or visit SHU’s admissions page.