A Partner from Healthcare Speaks to Higher Ed

More from the NEBHE and Davis Educational Foundation Summit on Cost of Higher Education …

The more NEBHE and others focus on the “cost disease” in higher education and new business models to treat it, the more similarities with another sector arise. Like higher ed, healthcare is marked by always-rising costs and prices, complicated subsidies, varying quality, stubborn inequity, and hidden inefficiency … yet few would do without it if they had the choice.

Last week when NEBHE and the Davis Educational Foundation convened more than 200 higher education leaders in Boston for a Summit on Cost in Higher Education, Partners HealthCare System President Gary Gottlieb drew compelling parallels between healthcare and higher ed.

Showing a chart depicting healthcare and higher ed price growth, the Partners chief and psychiatry prof quipped: “We finally found something that outstrips healthcare cost growth as it relates to GDP and household income, and you guys can own that together with us.”

Gottlieb called higher education and healthcare the civil rights issues of our time. “If social justice will be defined by who has a pathway to fabulous education at the K-12 level and tremendous higher education and the skills necessary in the knowledge economy we face and who has a right, not a privilege, to superb healthcare, it will be defined by these two elements.” he said. “We as leaders need to think about how we use those resources in a way that defines ourselves with a higher degree of accountability.”

Gottlieb explored how both measure value.

He also urged leaders to take a long-term view of outcomes.

Gottlieb noted the importance or research environment but lamented poor relationship with industry.

He called for sharing intellectual property.

See Gottlieb’s full remarks.

Special thanks to NEBHE Program & Outreach Coordinator Kiley Danchise-Curtis for her video editing.


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