Connecticut Independent College Transfer Guarantee

In a collaborative effort to expand transfer opportunities for Connecticut students, CSCU, in partnership with the New England Board of Higher Education and the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges, have developed systematic transfer pathways between Connecticut’s community colleges and four-year independent institutions through the Connecticut Independent College Transfer Guarantee (Connecticut Guarantee).

The Connecticut Guarantee provides students Connecticut community college graduates with the ability to seamlessly transfer to in-state independent colleges and universities through clear transfer pathways established by CSCU’s Transfer Tickets.


  • Completion of an associate degree at a Connecticut community college 
  • A minimum GPA of either 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 


  • Waived application fee 
  • Guaranteed transfer of associate degree 
  • Guaranteed admission*
  • Scholarships and/or financial aid (varying by college)
*Given the student has met all eligibility criteria for the selected Connecticut Guarantee institution, and the institution has available capacity within the intended Guarantee Transfer Pathway. 


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