Becker College

Total Undergraduate Enrollment
$ 38000
Tuition and Fees (without financial aid)


Bachelor’s degree*

Associate degree*

*Online/hybrid programming available


State grant

Institutional grant

State scholarship

Institutional scholarship

Tuition discount/waiver*

*Financial aid options available exclusively for adult learners

5 week modules

7 week blocks for non-traditional and graduate programs


Cooperative education

Accepted through:

Advanced Placement (AP)

International Baccalaureate (IB)




Students enrolled in School of Graduate and Professional Studies programs may receive college credit for professional training if certain conditions are met.

In place with:

Incoming: Mt. Wachusett Community College Greenfield Community College Quinsigamond Community College North Shore Community College

Outgoing: Regis College Ross University SUNY Cobleskill UMass School of Law Western New England School of Law

Accelerated programs

Competency-based education courses

Open educational resources on a course-by-course basis

Extended office hours

Tutoring resources

Flexible scheduling

Access to advisors 24/7

Application assistance/support (via phone, email)

On campus food pantry

Emergency fund program

Partnerships with community organizations

For more information, visit Becker’s admissions page.