Program Overview

NEBHE has partnered with The Business- Higher Education Forum (BHEF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing career readiness and equity for all students by building academically accredited pathways to high-demand knowledge, skills and abilities. Since 2012, BHEF has established over three dozen regional ecosystems to expand opportunities for thousands of students, particularly those from economically disadvantaged and underrepresented minority groups. BHEF and NEBHE will work together to implement a 18- month pilot project to work with companies, community colleges, government agencies and other Connecticut stake-holders to develop pathways for under and unemployed adults interested in learning digital skills and acquiring academic credentials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


What is a Digital Talent Ecosystem and how will it Benefit Connecticut Residents Especially in the Wake of Covid-19?

NEBHE and BHEF will help five Connecticut Community Colleges to implement 1-6 credit certificates while implementing new credential frameworks, models and pathways across the state and region. Participating Connecticut companies will recognize and approve these credentials which will help to build recruitment practices in the Constitution State, which will benefit both unemployed and underemployed residents at the five aforementioned Connecticut institutions, as well as employers.

Local employers have a high demand for digital tech talent in a range of data-driven sectors like health, financial services, defense and advanced manufacturing and job families including information processing, data analysis and computer programming. The campuses in this pilot will provide a base to scale to CSCC campuses in the state as they participate in important state, regional and national projects that signal ecosystem capacity and commitment.