The annual RSP program review begins in April and culminates in late August with the announcement of approved programs for the following academic year. (Example: The 2019 review results in the 2020-21 lists of approved programs, published on NEBHE’s website at the beginning of September.)

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Reference Documents:

New 2018 RSP Policies
Background and Information on Policy Changes
2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog
2019-20 Graduate Catalog
List of participating institutions allowing additional eligibility
List of programs by institution
2018-19 Tuition Rates

Program Descriptions for Phase II (provided as attachments by proposing institution):

Annual Review Process

The Annual Review process is managed through an online database. The Annual Review has two phases requiring institutional participation.

1) NEBHE initiates the Review in April by sending each designated RSP campus contact an email containing a user name and password to log into the Annual Review database.

2) Institutions complete the Phase I Response Form to notify NEBHE of any changes to their current RSP offerings and contact information, and provide information on new programs they wish to propose and offer through the RSP.

3) In Phase II NEBHE asks institutions to review the specialized programs that have been proposed for inclusion in the RSP to determine eligibility in each state.

4) Once all revisions and additions have been compiled and eligibility has been confirmed, NEBHE provides participating institutions an updated list of their RSP programs and posts all eligible programs online.

Please refer to the following definitions below.


Specialized program of study: A specialized program is distinguished by its content, courses and credits and is a major, specialized concentration or option that approximates a major in its requirements. A specialized program is voluntarily offered by at least one participating institution in one or more of the New England states.

Comparable program: A program offered by another institution is considered comparable to an RSP program when it is comprised of the same courses and equivalent number of credits. A comparable program may be a major, option or concentration.

Eligibility for a specialized program: Residents of a particular state may be eligible for a specialized RSP program, when it has been determined that a comparable program is not offered by any home-state public college or university. (Policy 3B1

Eligibility for a flexible program: Institutions may choose to allow eligibility for certain degree programs, certificates or diplomas, or on the basis of proximity for residents of one or more states. (Policy 3B2)


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